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About Us

It all started with BANFI...

In November 2004, in a phone call, the director of sales Alessandro Niccolai asked: "Since you are looking to present Banfi, what else have you been selling up to this moment?''

''Shoes and clothes'', answered Vayk simply.

After a short pause Alessandro said: ”Sounds very strange, yet quite interesting!''

Completely unaware, the Great manager played a crucial role in the creation of VAYK WINES.

Two years later...


Our portfolio is our pride — putting our hearts and souls into it, we’ve created possibly one of the best wine portfolios.

We are happy to work with exceptionally reputable houses and wineries, which have proven themselves in their own countries and have deserved the right to pass on a part of their culture and traditions all over the world.

Today, VAYK WINES imports and distributes to the Bulgarian market more than one thousand different wines, high quality spirits and other beverages of all price categories.


VAYK WINES launched its first Vinello shop in Sofia in early 2010. It remains one of Europe’s largest specialist drinks shops. Other Vinellos soon followed in strategic retail locations. A fifth Vinello is in the pipeline.

Vinello shops are acclaimed for their spacious, relaxing interiors. Each has a superb stock of top quality wines, spirits and accessories. Our professional sales assistants delight buyers with politeness — and impressive Кnowledge.